Season Tickets Talk

My season tickets went up by $800 it appears. It looks like there have been increases across the board.

The problem with this is they are touting upgrades to the arena, but the product on the floor obviously has a long way to go. It has a bad look that you are passing costs of arena upgrades to your most loyal fans.

Pretty crappy, I probably am going to downgrade or not renew at all.

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The letter they sent out touts the arena upgrades along with Melo, B. Miller and Mark. But they also highlight we have had the 2nd most missed games due to injury in the NBA.

I don’t like excuses to justify an increased cost, it’s downright crazy to me actually.


I was a season ticket holder for two years right when we made the name change back. I couldn’t keep up with attending many games or have the time and energy to constantly list and change prices to sell tickets so I wouldn’t take a complete loss. Don’t miss that at all.

Obviously I’m on their call list as “potentials” to become a future season ticket holder, which isn’t going to happen. Over the years, I’d get a reach out call to gauge my interest, maybe see if I want a partial season ticket, or some block plan. Maybe a couple times a year, especially at the beginning.

But this year, they were aggressive as hell! They would call every few days, sometimes consecutive days. I would get emails and texts asking when I had free time to set up a chat, or wondering if I missed their last message. Maybe 30-40 reach outs, I could be exaggerating, but it was constant for awhile.

Screams desperation to me. Maybe if current season ticket holders withhold re-upping, or start downgrading, the message might get back that, ummm, now is not the time to greatly increase ticket pricing. Obviously a little bit is normal, but show us something first, some excitement, some hope ON THE COURT, people will definitely buy.

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$744 up here. Thanks for directing my attention to that. Eeesh, need to contemplate my life choices as the kids say.

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Mine went up $400. With the brand on the floor and me not being able to attend games it makes me think twice about renewing again.

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I swear, if I didn’t just happen to sell my GSW & NYK tickets for about 40% of my total year cost, I’d be really stomping around waiting to talk to someone. But… if they continue to sell at some rate, despite the horrible product on the floor, on the big games that I am not too keen on, I might stick. But man, the timing … had they sent that one week earlier, lol - I would have likely sent a cease and desist email :slight_smile:


I had season tickets for about 15 years and gave them up about 3 years ago, iirc. (Many reasons to give them up - got tired of the product being bad, increasing interest in travel as well as nature photography, long drive to the arena, etc)

Anywho - I had the same experience with aggressive calls/texts/voice mails from sales reps this year. It was just as relentless as you described. Which was super annoying and not in any way something that would have convinced me to come back (not that I’m in a mindset to do so, rather put that money toward the travel or photography).

Just thought it was weird too how aggressive it got at one point.