Ultra-wide monitor advice?

Hey gang, anyone have any experience with ultra-wide monitors (21:9 ratio or higher width to height) and any learnings?

I didn’t care for the one I had.

Instead I’m currently using a MSI Optix 32" flanked by two laptops. I typically have 2 browser windows open at a time on it … when I’m not gaming or watching video. Much prefer working that way vs the ultra-wide.

I am losing a laptop which is precipitating this. Today it’s 2 x 27" and a 15.6" FHD laptop and they all basically sit at the same height (the laptop sits inward about 6"). Interesting that you didn’t care for it. What part did you not care for?

The wide-screen aspect ratio wasn’t something I cared for when playing games. I felt that the monitor was wide enough for two things (browser + document for example), but the height was such that I couldn’t see enough when I did that (not enough doc text).

With a large ‘normal’ ratio monitor I can still have two things side by side and stretch them down enough to read stuff. Games look normal … though I sometimes feel too close on the big screen even though it’s at the back of my desk.

My setup has 2x 17" laptops, one personal and one work. They are on cheap stands, but that’s all I really need for height / cooling.

@Vanderbilt_Grad - that an MSI gaming laptop and a Surface Book? I always loved the Surface tech - my 12yo has my old SP2 now.

The monitor is still curved yes? I have the option of keeping one of my 27" and could turn it vertical if I choose. Not sure what I’ll do but think - at least until we go back to work from the office, I’ll need to keep a 27" in it’s normal stance because of screen shares.

I did find this beast and do conceptually love the idea of having a wall of screen. Especially for the draft :wink:

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