Coaches: Shift happening?

Obviously, much is being made of the potential signing of JJ as the head coach, which bring with it many questions, chiefly how do we hire a guy with basically no experience.

But I’m going to jump for a minute to football, since some of us are thinking about the Panthers. You look at a guy like Dave Canales, down the road in Shane Beamer, and still further down the road in Mike McDaniel, and you see guys that have high expectations and are smart but still seem like they can connect with today’s players. Is part of what we’re seeing a big shift away from that drill sergeant approach to coaching that’s still been hanging around for a while to a much more personable approach to coaching that really emphasizes very sharp and evolving insight on the game along with more friendly player relationships?

I know there’s a desire by many to draw comparisons between generations and say one generation is this or that, with a common one being that the current guys just don’t have the toughness or work ethic of previous generations. But I think more of the case is that they’re just different approaches to life, not better or worse, and perhaps coaches that understand this are going to get more out of players than coaches that are simply waiting for guys to change into something that probably isn’t going to happen. Is there a case to be made that JJ might have a better understanding of the current generation of players and combined with a sharp insight for the game may be better suited to bring them together into a cohesive team?

As usual, I have little evidence to support this, and it’s a big risk, but just wondering if that’s some of the thought the Hornets are giving the possible selection of JJ.

Not sure why you separated this from the other new coach thread.

There is no way that we hirer a guy like JJ. I think that this board is being apprehensive - understandable. A JJ hire would send the wrong message about the organization and the owners to everyone in the world. So far the new owners have done nothing to indicate that such a irrational ideal (hiring JJ) will come to fruition. Instead they have been the opposite - methodical, deliberate and decisive.

My guess is that the new owners will make rational decision.

I am glad that JJ is interviewing. I wished that Dawn S interviewed. I would have liked to see Becky H interview.

These owners have an obligation to this organization first and foremost. However, being in the position that they are in, they also have an obligation to help others professionally develop. So yes cast the widest net possible and help to develop the next generation of NBA leaders. I was hoping that Jeremy Lin would get an interview to help his career. I would not support hiring any of the people I listed but I do want to see them get a chance to grow.

Hire an up and coming assistant head coach!

Because for this thread, I’m less interested in who our coach is and more interested in the broader conversation of how coaching is changing in general, therefore a separate thread.

I’m a firm believer that a coach can’t be the players best budz. You have to have an alpha so unless there’s a player with MJ drive it’s gotta be the coach.

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Understood and I am now tracking.

I think the “shift” is just basic coaching evolution. As the next player generation changes, so must coaching. I know that Coach Cliff addressed this issue when it was announced that he was stepping away.

I don’t think it’s as big of a deal or as bad as some would suggest. Every work place needs to adapt to accommodate younger folks.