College Basketball Thread

Another great season, but Duke was just too much. I suspect they’ll cut down the nets if they play their A game

Basically, the only two decent players for ECU transferred out smh

Bobcats legend Reggie Williams coming to ECU

Seriously dislike that guy from his time here. He was the one and only Bobnet that was actively a twit to us as fans in my STHdom.

I was like 12 when he played here and most of what I remember him for is being Kemba’s roommate and a sharpshooter on NBA2k12

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As many team members me and my wife talked to . He never seamed to be around . He had that i am better than you attitude . Kemba i think was the nicest player we ever talked to Zeller was nice too. Crash was ok . Bosh was the biggest ass we met. James was nicer than you might think.

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@Eastley could you guys get an at large bid or do you think that’s not possible?

I don’t follow brackety stuff so I am not sure but the 4 losses in a row have to really upend things.

Jeez didn’t realize y’all just lost four in a row lmao, I know this is sacrilegious but I don’t keep up with ACC basketball that much anymore.

Never doubted you for a minute Deacs :wink:

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Was awesome to see the indignity of Boeheim having to end his career in Greensboro.

I would love to see a big 4 semi with Carolina, Wake, state, and dook, but the petty in me still wants Pitt to destroy the devils tonight. So I’ll take 3 of 4. But with Bacot’s ankle a concern again, it’ll be really tough against Virginia.

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All of this QC. The irony of that being the city of his departure was not lost on me. It’s a strange feeling with all of these ‘esteemed’ elder coaches in the NCAA, I kinda want them all gone. I have nothing against any of them personally but they have been around long enough that I feel they tilt the officiating balance in games. And in college, that shouldn’t be, the school names and home arenas do that enough.

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Survive. Advance.

Never make the tournament

Have your star player transfer out every year

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How bout that, murderhornet. Another 1 seed goes down.

Woooooo PIG!!! Let’s goooo

I dunno. I’ve seen better games.

Hello darkness my old friend

Sorry man, it always sucks. With my team not even qualifying, I got my pain out the way early and have thoroughly been enjoying schaudenfraude of the big dogs. dook and Kentucky always must go down first for me to finally relax. Kansas now too since they’ve been winning too much. And Purdue and Virginia’s choke was highly enjoyable.

I hate Creighton for injuring Kendall Marshall’s wrist Cobra Kai style, so they need to go. UConn’s won enough, so I’d like a new team to win. I think I’m gonna root for Kansas State, I like their little guy, he’s more Muggsy than Isaiah Thomas with his passing vision. 20 points 19 assists and 5 steals for a 5’8 (allegedly) guy against Michigan State.

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5’8" can’t be a comp for Bogues, that’s Spud Webb gigantism size there.