College Football Thread

Know it’s late in the season but is anyone college football fans? Been a tough year for a lot of the local schools.

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Woo Pig. Also, as stated before, Clemson fan by marriage (season ticket holder actually). Great season to sell all our tix before game 1!

Will Cincy be in the top 4 tonight? I say no

As a fan of the AAC I’ve been rooting for Cincy every game and will continue to outside of when they play ECU at the end of the year.

I think they’re one of the four best teams in the country but they didn’t do themselves any favors against Navy. I say yes, they’ll come in at number 3

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More of a NFL fan. But do watch some college, especially Tennessee. I don’t think Cincinnati will make the playoffs. Think the 4 will come from UGA, bama, OSU, MI St, OU, or Oregon. Even though Cincinnati probably should be there, it’s a down year for really good teams i think. UGA is probably the best team with that defense.

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Been an incredible year to date even if the undefeated season ends on Saturday. Born and raised a Demon Deacon and have never experienced this.

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You guys have really had a magical season, Clawson has been a great hire and Wake is probably the second-best program in the state atm.

I think you guys will win Saturday and likely win out, NC State will be a tough game and despite their records, Clemson + UNC obviously have tons of talent that haven’t really come together so it won’t be easy.

Committee wants no part of G5

Incredibly frustrating to see as a fan of a G5 team but not unexpected

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Deacons out here acting like it’s two hand touch

Defense optional in Chapel Hill today

Yeah tough day for the Deacs

Fun day about an hour away though

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Tough weekend for the Deacs. The Women’s Soccer team after upsetting Duke in the 1st round played incredibly well in the ACC Tourney Semi against FSU only to lose in OT last night and then this 4th quarter let down today. Ouch. Still a heck of a great season (for both) and a possible ACC Football Championship in the making so I won’t complain but damn UNC, two years in a row. Argh!

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Woo Pig. Never a doubt

Kinda suprised you guys got into the CFBP top 25

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I think 25th is probably deserved given the wins and the schedule, but wouldn’t have lost sleep to not have been ranked.

Used to like to follow Wake but couldn’t after we sold our home to one of Clawson’s primary Asst. Coaches. That dude was a serious jerk and it just soured me on WFU football until that group is gone; if ever.

Had a similar experience with a long gone Wake bball coach. Somehow I found myself on a consulting job in his living room talking with a builder about some proposed renovations. Dude walks in and acts like a real ass. Blew me away. I didn’t even know going in who lived there. I was doing the builder a favor.

It wasn’t Manning or Odom ha.

  • Edited out coaches name
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I had some really nice interactions with Grobe and one of his lead assistants. My sister was friends with Danny so there’s always been a family fan thing for us with him. That’s why him not succeeding at Wake really bummed me out.

Odom was always pretty approachable in my day. I never got to meet Dave C, Skip, Dino (he’s not coming off too nice in current UofL/legal light), Jeff Bz (but oh lord did folks loathe him as a person).

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Wasn’t Prosser either, may he RIP. Just don’t want to suggest it was anyone that I really admire.

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The Razorbacks pitching coach used to be at Wake. That’s all I got.

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