Game #1: Hornets vs. Cavs

Rozier and Hayward good.

Everyone else bad.

D non existent

Our bigs suck


Last chance to join the fantasy league after we sucked in real life :eyes:

Perimeter defense…needs work.

Terry was great. Gordon looked good. Now we just need to add Tatum and Jayson Brown, and I think we could go far in the playoffs.

I literally did just that, I was that pissed with the situation. For anyone else interested, I signed up for 1 year of VPN for $17.00 at

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NBA league pass has free trial for 7 days, after that you can do monthly fee of $17.99. I figure under $20 per month to get Hornets games ain’t too bad, even though I should be getting them FREE FROM MY PROVIDER.

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You can use a VPN to sign up for LP too. I signed up via Brazil, saved a ton of money

The young guns have GOT to play a ton better. I would have liked to seen Malik tonight to try and jump start the team, but I get it because our defensive energy was horrible.

I credit the Cavs though, honestly that’s probably them playing at their peak and we brought our C- game overall. I mean we got nothing from PJ or Miles really and that’s the biggest disappointment for me.

As for Lamelo, I think us diehards are the only ones that know he will be brought along slowly in the beginning. All this rookie of the year stuff was crazy to me. But he was right there with the other young guys in terms of their performance tonight so I don’t have much to blame on him.

Thank God for Terry and Gordon to make the 2nd half watchable. When will someone give MJ some credit for that sign and trade for Kemba? Crickets


Agree with you entirely Coach and good to see you back here.


I been around reading, just finally had some time to post. Gotta get back in the groove!


Coach! Nice to see you back. You are absolutely correct on rozier. He is actually my favorite player to watch on this team. I said it in another post, I love 75% of his game. He is a throwback player and agree with founding that he has alot of Westbrook in him. That 25% though brings me back to stephen jackson days.

This team’s starters would be a fantastic bench rotation on a championship team. It is going to be a rough year fellas, but that’s ok.

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Yeah man, good to have you back here. I see you on Twitter, so I know you’ve been puttin in a ton of work with the preps. Awesome to see the impact you have on the community.

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