Hey we’re playing the Cavs

Wake up knuckleheads


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We are so predictable defensively.

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If I slipped into a coma and woke up in July, you could tell me that the hornets didn’t even make the play-in bracket and it wouldn’t surprise me. Not in the least.


Time to trade and fire everyone. We stink tonight. I feel like I say and watch the same thing every year. Is it our guys or is it JB? We look not interested and horrible.


Is JB even coaching? Do something. Try something else. F

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What in the hell is going on. How was that overturned?

Probably figures if we don’t care, it doesn’t matter. Our guys just don’t care anyway.

Lamelo benched again… hope we win

He has 5 fouls that’s why :frowning:

Wtf ten characters

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Hello darkness my old friend

Fucking two worst calls to end a game I have ever seen . WITH REPLAYS.

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That’s some trash officiating

Well that was bullshit. That said, if we played like we cared for most of the game, we would have won anyway. Can’t say we really deserved it, but I’m still pissed.

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That’s a very fair overview of the situation

Wish Rod would have asked him why there wasn’t a foul called when Hayward was assaulted (WWE style) on the hornets last possession.

The rare double I. I have been watching L2M reports for a while, somewhat casually but not too infrequently. It’s rare that they show an imbalance of one IC|INC in favor of a team; they tend to show offsetting I’s which IMvhO is always findable if you want (to call a ticky tack foul or travel or 3-sec) to show an overall narrative of balance. This is rare that they show 2 against the Hornets (or any team for that matter). I guarantee if they 3pt screw up hadn’t happened earlier, there’s no way we see this in the L2M. And… I equally guarantee that if w/out the 3pt thing bad call, they get at least one of these calls right in real time.

Ah, i didn’t realize i read that wrong. Lol, it’s not the rare double I, it’s the same bullshit as always, if there is an I on one team, figure out how to make another I for the opponent. Never mind the above, same stuff as always haha.