Game 2 - Pistons Come to Town

He hit two back to back 3s last game too and he took him out.

Because our head coach may be a moron.


Exactly! My mind went back to that as well.

I’d expect Cliff to rectify that moving forward. Super exciting to see miller do this stuff in the fourth quarter. Which makes me wish Cliff left him in for both games.

I really love this idea of Miller being this emotional highlight off the bench in the second half, as a big bucket getter.


Really hate seeing our guys get bullied by the Pistons. They’re not all that good, but man do they hit you.

We really did get punched.

Man, the hornets fan in me really wanted to see mark Williams really take it to Duren tonight…sigh.

Mark Williams looked like a boy in there against them. I want him to be tougher. Just even more frustrating that we had Duren.

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We’re better than they are. Circle the next one and pay it back


I wish we could have Nnaji in there for next game… just to have his bigger frame.

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Ball needs to make shots to keep Forum from screaming keep Miller in.

Guess that’s what we get getting all excited about Williams… Hornets Law?

Same here. Hate to say it but the whole team (ESPECIALLY mark) got bullied tonight. Was rly hoping for williams to set the tone

Loving Miller, but When did Miller shrink?
Alabama & draft 6’9” combo forward.
At Charlotte 6’7 200 SG/SF wing

Miller is really impressive. He passes, he can shoot and play some defense. We really need some bench help in offense and rebounding. We definitely need more toughness and ball movement from everyone.

I was going to say the same thing.

I think we may be looking at the first legitimate star in the new hornets/bobcats iteration. Miller has the chops. I am serious when I say if I were the owners, I would hire Paul Pierce to help train him.

Lamelo needs to commit to being a real point guard. He gives away too many possessions and doesn’t do a great job setting up the offense

Got to see this in person. Seems the terrible reffing translated to the tv screen too. Not saying we didn’t rebound terribly or shoot worse. But the game was never able to get loose because of the constant whistles on us.

Pistons trying to resurrect the ghost of the Bad Boys. Really liked PJ knocking beef stew on his ass. Barkley and Shaq woulda done the same back in the day, I liked seeing a little bit of edge and toughness coming from somebody. So if PJ starts to be a little bit of an enforcer, I’m for it.

Miller is such a natural. Looks like a seasoned vet out there. There’s a calmness to his game, once he gets his strength and gets comfortable hunting his own shots, he’s gonna be a beast out there. It’s coming.

Just really frustrating game, could never get over that little hump. But this is a teaching moment game, you have to match toughness and intensity from the start, then learn how to fight through the muck and keep producing buckets.

I say bad calls on our bigs set the tone. Mark and Richards nither one was ready for a game that physical. Big Pat will help fix that.

He’s listed at 6’9" and he reached 210 before season started. Legit 6’9" too

I was judging off of what I saw at the game too.

I would love to know what it looked like on TV. Every single time we got within 5 or 6 pts a pivotal BS call shifted momentum. Happened loke 7 or 8 times lol.

We tried hard tonight. Wasn’t in the “cards”.

After watching this game… I love Rozier but I’d honestly just rather go to Miller if we need a bucket. I’m already ready to turn to him when we need a bucket. Rozier just always seems to turn the ball over or shoot a dumb shot. I’m probably crazy though