Game 2 - Pistons Come to Town

Will Mark Williams make us continue to be giddy about his future? Can PJ keep up the scoring? Will LaMelo make a non three point basket?

Find out tonight

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Monster NSJr game incoming

I suspect we’ll get a small dose of Ish tonight.

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Refs on one again tonight!

That call by Bill Kennedy on the 3 was an intentional momentum killing play, and it worked, Sparked an 8-0 Pistons run after we had cut it to 3

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Having Miller is a pretty big breath of fresh air! 11 pt half for him on 4/9 and one was a 53 footer and there wilere a couple of taps in there too.


24 showing he was the right pick. All his shots have looked really smooth.

Also not backing down to the beef stewed guy who’s 50 lbs bigger. The guy looks like he’s been thru a couple seasons during his 2nd game


Remember when we traded Jalen Duren for a late second round pick. Still such a great deal.

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Would be real nice to have him and Mark instead of Richards

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I’m not going to belabor the point on the officiating. All I’ll say is that I’m going to make a mental note and write down the name of these officials to be aware of them in the future.

I will be looking at the vegas lines and different prop bets related to this game. This is pretty bizarre guys. That’s all. Just make a note of these officials and follow their games this year.


Would be nice have Bench scoring
Bench outscored 49-15 after 3

I was thinking the same thing. They could have played together.

Miller is going to be good guys.


I was so pissed we gave Duren away. tonight is like pouring salt in my wounds. at least we did well on Miller! and yes, these refs f’ing suck!

That was a super dope, confident three. I loved the quick little action with Melo to set it up. That was noice.

Well, I was too busy today to post, but I was going to talk about how excited I was for the Duren vs Williams matchup…


We played hard tonight. These refs are on some ABSOLUTE HORSE SHIT. Controlled the game from the opening tip. Just trash trash stuff

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Why did we take Milller out?? Seems we lost all momentum.

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Same. I said the same thing. I stepped away for a moment and was super confused about why miller wasn’t on the floor after the 3 and dunk.

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So he puts him back in now? A little late you think…