Game 67: Suns at Hornets

Suns favored by 10. Seems light

The game kind of went how I thought it would go. Once they went up 33 to 30 I knew there would be a momentum shift and the Suns would go on a run and go up by 12 to 20 points and never relinquish the lead. We would make a few runs like we do in these kind of games but inevitably we would end up losing by double digits. If a team is a reflection of it’s head coach that is the way things have been all season since before the trades and after so it seems to be an issue with Cliff. I can’t wait till coach Clifford is gone!

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Who woulf have thought this crew would call 2 early touch fouls on Miller? Meeeee


We didn’t make it hard for them by letting 24 get switched onto nurkich


Wow suddenly we’re up by 1 right after I was wondering if we would get double digits this qtr

Go micic!


Miles bridges is electric at shooting bad shots. Dude puts on a clinic on how to shoot low quality, low BBIQ offensive strategy shooting. I’d rather pull my fingernails out with pliers than see the hornets pay that guy 20m+ dollars