Game 74: Clippers at Hornets

Is there any real reason for a game thread?


I get it for sure it’s hard to find things to say. Wednesday against the cavaliers tho was worth talking about

Not saying this game will be lol. Different level of talent for sure

The only thing worth talking about: how about that clip of Russ getting into an argument with a hornets fan wearing a balloon on his head? Russ got peeved for being called “Westbrick”. Again, the fan is wearing a balloon on his head, which makes for MAXIMUM comedic value.

Allegedly the interaction: “Don’t disrespect my name. Do you understand me? I don’t give a f*ck.”

So, I have no idea if there’s another side of this story and maybe the fan/fans were saying some other personal jabs. I don’t know. I’m all about protecting players from being verbally abused by fans who take verbal attacks to a dark, inappropriate, or personal place.

But. Jeering another team/player is :100: fine. If all he really did was call him “Westbrick” and general chirping, we’re good.

Edit: I wonder how NBA players would fair with the chirping that happens on ice during hockey games?

Narrator: it was in fact not