Clip Joint Thread

Don’t feel very confident here.

But that’s where we usually come out and win one

Need Terry to step up

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Sorry guys

Clippers by 10

2-1 ATS


Line is only Clip -5.5

Can someone post their injury report?

Nostradamus are you just a TROL. You do this ever game . Never nothing positive . Good guys are due one.

Thanks GW…

No, he is not a troll. He works for me. I believe his one loss on the season he picked us to win.

Cool , Thanks

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Huge fan!

We both like to handicap the games. He is pretty good.

I have us losing. Hope I’m wrong

Better than you bro

Big fan D, no troll


39-31 Buzz after 1

Mason is not only ruining the game by being trash, but also causing for other players to get cheap fouls to stop his turnovers. What a poor decision to sign him by Mitch.

Why is Mason dribbling?

He is better than Biz

How many times this season have guys hit 3s at the 1st half buzzer against us?

Umm, when did I say Biz was any good? I think you should compare him to Zeller.

Richards >>>>> Plumlee in this half. Dude has to stop dribbling the ball too much.

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89-87 bad guys headed to the 4th

Let’s pull away big.