Hornets look to give the Clippers a buzz-cut


Surprised to see us favored by more than the standard home-court measure (-1.5?) but what do I know from gambling. Here’s to hoping we show up in the first quarter and don’t take our foot off the gas until EOG.

<doug branson voice>#Go Hor-nets</doug branson voice>

Let’s Go Hornets!

Can’t hide forever Batum!

Didn’t he torch us last year on our court? I’m fine with hiding in that sense lol

Tough shooting start but we are right there

Yeah, like that we didn’t give up much ground even when we weren’t putting it in the basket.

Interesting on Bouk, two defensive plays, one in an early 3, just now against Ibaka, guy has hops higher than anyone I can recall in a Horncats uniform.

This is miserable

It’s not exactly a shooting clinic were putting on so far.

You can see he can compete, he just needs to work on finishing at the rim

JB did that challenge for Powell

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The shot clock?

Yeah the shot clock.

Half was ugly felt like the team had a weird energy

Some signs of life in the Hornets offense

If we can just contain Morris

That possession seemed to wake up the arena

That second theft by Ball in a many possessions and dunk was a bit more kindling.

Clippers just keep dousing out the flames unfortunately.

I hate this team

Really depressing end to the quarter there. And then PJ has 2.6 seconds and opts not to shoot, lol.

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I’d sit PJ the rest of the game after that. That’s pure crap