Hornets look to give the Clippers a buzz-cut

Please just win

Terry has been a mess today. Would love to see him turn it around in the 4th but this looks dire.

This is called getting outcoached. Of course, T Lue one of the best in the league.

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Does Ish ever pass the ball?

I know right. Had plenty of time to do something there.

Oh dear lord, this really foing to be an “our coach sucks” thread again? Fuck it, I’m out. Y’all have fun without me.


This has nothing to do with JB. This is just poor shooting

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Plumlee’s defense is……uninspiring. That’s the kindest way I can put it. Easily the biggest area of need. We’ll never be consistently good if we give up so many unchallenged layups.

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Are you guys saying Borrego did not get outcoached tonight? What has this 4th quarter lineup been?

I mean, it is obvious, but was expected coming in. I had hoped we would compete much more than this.

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The offense has looked like shit the past two games. Really miss Hayward out there. The past two games have given us a realistic look at our offense without Hayward. These LA teams are much much better than that horrendous Indy team


Cody Martin is not shooting well and that is killing things offensively because with him and Plumlee that’s two guys the defense does not have to fear. That puts a lot of pressure on Rozier, Melo and Bridges.

Rozier is the only real knock down shooter so if he’s off you see how that trickles down. Missing Kelly is the big hurt without Gordon. Two shooters missing plus an off shooting night and two players you don’t have to account for defensively this is what you get.

No coach is perfect but you can’t turn shit into sugar either, plain and simple.


Sorry guys. I’ll take blame for this poor performance. Hornets have lost 3 in a row with my family at the game. Good crowd, just never had anything sustainable to get excited about.

First time seeing LaMelo in person. Needs to keep working on his shot, but rest of his offense is special. Defensively, he needs to work on his quickness and staying in front of his man. Instincts are elite level i think.

Would like to see Bridges work on his mid range. In my opinion, Bouknight is going to be awesome in 2-3 years. Under no circumstances am I for trading him.

Coach is right, hornets are playing 3.5 vs 5 on offense with this current line up. But, don’t know what else JB can do right now.

Defensively, got to have some rim protection. That won’t fix all that’s wrong with the defense, but it will help.

We had fun anyway and sure we’ll go back, hopefully they can win the next one.


I agree with all of those things.

And I’m glad you can own up to your role in the loss, and throw your family under the bus as well.

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