Jersey for sale

Anyone want this jersey? It’s new and has just been in a storage container for many months. I ordered it off one of those Chinese knockoff jersey website. I’ve ordered plenty from there and they’re pretty legit. I ordered this one in the wrong size and it’s not worth trying to return it. Id sell it for cost plus cost to ship it. I think it was about $25 originally including taxes and shipping.

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What size is it?

I believe the listed size “48” translates to a large.

Oof sadly I wear an XL otherwise I’d of gotten it because it is a beautiful jersey

It’s a really big L

Honestly it’s a pretty big jersey. I’d be happy to just send it to you to see if it works. It was about $25 shipped from china, so I’m not particularly worried. It’s not worth my time to send it back and I’d rather give it to some for cheap than have it sit around.

There’s no smoke and mirrors here. It’s a replica jersey that I haven’t worn. It’s a big Large and I just want someone to have it.