Hornets Getting New Jerseys

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I’d give them a 7-8/10

Would be nice if the pinstripes would continue on the shorts but there still pretty cool!

Looks like a new court coming too, Hornets website says more to come and they just deleted a article about Hornets courts after having it up for a few minutes


per https://twitter.com/WesleyXRobinson

It’s nice, wish they kept with the purple. If they did purple pin stripe jerseys instead of teal I’d of been very happy.

Definitely glad to have pinstripes back. But I think it needs more purple to me. I don’t really wear teal or purple individually, but no 2 colors come together more perfectly to me in conjunction. So this kind of takes away from that dual pop of colors. I have to see it in action to see how it looks on camera.

I tweaked it to see what a little purple would’ve looked like. Maybe the all teal is a cleaner look than the tweak, or maybe the old school side panels could’ve given it a little more contrast. I don’t know. But pinstripes do give the Hornets more of their personality back.

would’ve preferred these basically becoming our main away jersey over the teal. These will still be in the rotation though so I can’t be mad

The home jerseys look really good though

They have so many different variations at this point I’m honestly confused as to what our main jerseys are.

I forgot I was messing around with last years CHA jerseys. I know its probably an eyesore to most people, but I always felt purple and teal deserve creative/funkier designs for better or worse, instead of keeping a plain traditional type cut. Like, last year’s grays were clean, but too boring to me. Purple/Teal/Hornets needs flashy/shiny stuff.

I am surprised they faded the teal out so much. It’s moving closer to light aqua or something. It doesn’t really matter here, I’m not going to care more or less based on marketing, he’ll I own too much bobcats stuff to feign that. But it’s an odd choice imo.

these are the main jerseys

They’re not horrible, I’m certain they’ll grow on me in time. Kinda gotten used to without the pinstripes now and these feel like half-hearted throw backs those which have apparently been removed from the lineup based on the teams website article.

-“While the Classic jerseys are currently now out of the on-court rotation, multiple elements of them have been incorporated into these newer versions.”-

As I said before they’ve put so many different versions out there (for $ no doubt) that it’s gotten confusing as to what the main jerseys are supposed to be (although I get that these are the main ones thanks @GeraldWallaceMVP!) and developing a real identity. Sometimes less is more.

Also speaking on @Eastley 's comment about the teal. I wonder if the teal just appears lighter because the stripes are white and there’s more white than purple?