Hornets v Cavs: All Saints’ Day Edition - The Thread

Very curious what others think of these. My initial thought was they are super busy but the detail is pretty cool so torn.

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“Busy” was the exact word I was thinking. Do not like.

I get it conceptually with trying to blend the old with the new brand of hornets on the uniforms, but it’s too busy. I still like it because of the iconic colors and look, but too busy.

The cursive font was a very nice touch.

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I give the unis 6/10, not great, not bad just okay

Feel like the entire leagues weren’t that good this year

Looks… interesting don’t know what to say yet.
My first impression is they tried to incorporate too much in one single Uni but I will reserve my judgement until I’ve seen them in a game.

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What fun is that?

Too much

All good until the hornet nest/comb graphics

At the game tonight. First one in a couple of years. Pretty stoked.


First post!

I predict a 5 pt win

Love the unis


Welcome to HP

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At 6 turnovers 6 minutes into the game.

22-9 Cavs. Not great Bob.

These slow starts are going to start hurting us at some point. Hopefully it’s not tonight.

Jarrett Allen might go for 50. I’m not kidding.

If you don’t like this, you don’t like Hornets basketball.


40-21 Cavs after one.


Few lazy turnovers already from Gordon tonight.

Cody’s been our best player on the floor so far…