Kai Jones Requests a Trade

A conditional 2nd round pick in 2026 might be the best we could hope for.

Put up dumb@ss videos, tank your value and then request a trade. Trifecta! I’d trade him for a bag of Funyuns rings.

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You mean that we have to put in?

Woj bomb

Kai has been traded to Carmen’s Crew of the TBT for a plate of Cincinnati Chili.

Despite the spaghetti chilli combination, Hornets have been deemed the clear winner of the trade.

Man, and We still owe a first we used to get him…which Spurs now have.

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Well I’ll be dipped in buttermilk! I had no idea. I love it when I learn new things from this board.

As for Kai:

We need to just punnish him and keep him, dont waive him. Just make him waste a year before he goes to Europe or beyond.

Dont even waste the G league on him just sit his ass for a season and let him rot

This kid is tone deaf

Trade for what? A 6 pack of Schlitz?

When he’s talking about goat life, are we sure he’s not actually talking about the animal?

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San Antonio was interested in him before the draft. Let Popovich have him for a 2034 2nd rounder, screw it

He’s so delusional. Terrance Ross had it right. I was hoping the confidence would amount to something and he’d calm it down… but no. What a waste of talent with this guy. Why are we cursed?

I’d take any second rounder, in any year, for him. He needs help, professional help. He’s still just an athlete, albeit an incredible one, and hasn’t developed any BBIQ. Trade him or cut him and get a vet #5 in here asap.

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I think Biz is the guy we need to bring in. We need a high character guy like him. Plus, he can actually play pretty good defense.

Hahaha nobody is trading for him unless it’s as a salary filler for a larger trade. He was a borderline NBA roster spot prior to this nonsense.

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With Kai flaming out and Bouk with a knee sprain, it’s looking like both players are done early.

I was thinking that Bouk might find a rotation spot finally, but not yet.