Kevin Durant Career

Has there ever been so phenomenal a talent destroy a legacy by simply being so petty/restless/selfish whatever who never anchored to any fan base and in fact pretty much burned so many? If the Bobcats/Hornets had had the possibility of drafting him could it have ended in any way other than badly? So now he’s in Phoenix and I don’t care.

Jordan - Bulls
LeBron - Cavs/Heat/Lakers
Shaq - Magic/Lakers
Bird - Celtics
Magic - Lakers
Curry - Warriors
Duncan Robinson - Spurs :slight_smile:

I could go on. Durant had a chance with OKC. They could have had him, Harden and Westbrook in their prime, but each were too selfish in their own way to be loyal to anyone. Kyrie fits this too. Phenomenal talent. Absolutely doesn’t care about the game, the city or any fans. There’s elite players in this league that I respect, and many that I don’t.

Giannis - Bucks

The KD/Russ/Harden break up in my opinion had little to do with loyalty but more to do with management not wanting to pay Harden who wasn’t considered a superstar at the time.

The decision to go to the Warriors was taking the easy road in my opinion. But you can also kinda justify it.

Then he goes to New York and tries to build a team on his own and things just go badly. Injuries, issues with Kyrie and Harden. I don’t really blame the Brooklyn situation on him.