Lakers Joint Thread

We just to small.Win or lose this is the hornets we love

OVER TIME Lets go boys

C’mon Hornets, let’s steal this one!

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This is the heart this team had been missing

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Close but no cigar. 5 straight Ls

Welp, we fought hard. Lost 6 of 7. Gotta get back to winning ways. Schedule still tough upcoming.


That’s a shame

Not really a fan of moral victories but we looked like the Hornets again tonight atleast and played tough with heart.

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Same sentiment. They didn’t roll over after giving up the run.

Maddenly frustrating loss. Especially having to stay up extra late for that. But yes, good to see us fight and great to see Terry get back on track. The first time all year all 4 of our top guys have played well on the same night. And I have to give credit to Plumlee. I’ve been killing him this year but he was good last night. That version of him I can deal with. But we have to figure out how to finish.

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I didn’t see the second half and bummed to see we lose in OT. But what’s more frustrating to me is that McDaniels never got a shake in the second half. WTF? He was a plus when he was out there in the first, moreso than Oubre from what I saw.

Lakers cover. Sucks to be right. I Really wanted this win.

Oubre was not good so Jalen could have filled in there.

What was the deal on that out of bounds review on Hayward, that they gave to the Lakers. How do the refs get that wrong?

Overall, I like the way we fought last night. Rozier looked way better…. Hopefully we are turning the corner.

The best camera angle was not presented to the refs. Not sure purpose of review if it doesn’t allow you to get call right.

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The only thing I could figure is that they deemed that it rolled off Hayward’s finger tip last after Russ hit it. Because it clearly never hit Hayward’s leg as it was bouncing around. Definitely looked to me like it should’ve been our ball. But I had a bad feeling once it started taking forever for them to make a decision. Calls like that rarely seem to go our way in those situations.

Tough one