Lakers Joint Thread

We really need a win for moral here


10 pm start EDT so soon after the time change … don’t think I’m making this one.

I’ll record it. If we win I’ll watch it tomorrow. Otherwise it goes in the bin.

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Let’s go? Perhaps?

You’re damn right let’s go, hopefully we can turn things around

Oh boy…. This should be fun.

we past due a big win

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Heck yeah bro… would go a Long way

Sorry guys, Lakers by 9

3-1 ATS for year

I hope I’m wrong but I’m handicapping our games.

I won 75% ± for Hornets games last year. I k ow how to bet our team. I’d love to eat crow tonight but the Lakers bigs are too much for us

Actually starts at about 10:40, not 10.

Won’y be shocked if we lose. But pretty great if we can pull this one out. I just don’t know how we can recover if we go 0-5 in this trip.

There is no reason DeAndre Jordan should ever have 10pts in one quarter

There’s just something off with the team since that Cleveland game. Just feels like it. No flow at all on offense and defense.

How funny would it be if LaMelo got his first triple double this year against Russ? Even better if it was in a win.

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I feel like we’ve actually haven’t been the same since we imploded in the OT loss to Boston. That game felt almost identical to the OT loss to Atl late last year. We were never the same after that either.

Hopefully we can get back on track tonight. Nice to see Terry looking like Terry.

Terry you’re making me fall in love all over again


We have to lead the league in buzzer beaters made against us. Feels like it happens every two or three games. So sick of that. And of course it would have to be Monk.

Getting ugly real quick again

This team is the most frustrating thing ever

I also think we must lead the league in delay of games and defensive 3 second calls.