Miles Bridges 2023/24 - Team Hornets

Here’s to new beginnings and second chances:

PR department: A
Mitch & Miles following script…some word for word…from Mitch previous & Miles first written statement 7-7.
Did present himself to public & media first time in a decent manner, answer a couple softballs, avoiding dangerous & real.

Fairly average for NBA presser, gets a C. A step in the right direction to earning trust, displaying remorse & accountability while getting better.

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The press conference was as expected.

PR score 10/10, they played it very safe, kept the noise to the minimum and have moved on.

Social responsibility score 0/10. They perpetuated the modus operandi that domestic violence is swept under the rug. There are little to no repercussions to athletes. The level of outcry from fans is shockingly low (in general, not tarring anyone here) and that will remain the case until someone, or some franchise, puts their heads meaningly above the parapet.

I’m not holding my breath.

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I am hoping that he, his family, the organization, the league and fans can move forward together.

I am really hoping that he’s a better person as he said and that he doesn’t have any set backs.

My goal is not to antagonize w this thread. It’s my hope that Miles is so good through out the season that the board can post (stress free) about his success and contributions to the team on his own dedicated discussion.*

It would be terrible and heartbreaking if he has a set back.

*By the way, I am looking for aaaaany reason the revive the Mark Williams thread from several months ago. I think that I have settled on him as my 4th favorite player behind Melo, Gordon and Terry.

The redemption tour is here. Fingers crossed.

Wow, this is confusing

In light of recent news, please close this thread.

Thank you.