Arrest Warrant out for Miles

Oh no

2 years left on felony probation any arrest cannot be good,
especially if this violates anything in that ‘no contest’ plea bargain.

I mean, can we not enjoy a close preseason loss for a day before we get bombarded with negative Hornets news? Not even a full Atkinson before we get this?

Reading the article, seems that it’s not a new incident, just some probation violation from January that wasn’t served til now. Which, why not? Who knew, and decided to avoid everything til now?


For full context

Wait a sec, if this happened in January, was it in scope of his current punishment by the league? If not, does this reopen that?

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Oh sh!t…is this really happening? This guy needs 24 hour monitoring. Again the rest of the league should feel free to clown him.

We might have to roll w PJ again this year. If true, this is a betrayal to the team.

So much for beating Vegas. Lottery here we come!

That happens very effectively in jail.

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Get rid of this dude

“We are aware of the reports and are in the process of gathering more information," a Hornets spokesperson said.

Given issue mentioned happened last January, Hornets & NBA not know anything until just now…or not care until some annoying local beat sports reporter messed things up digging into stuff and exposed to the public.

Damn We pay Kai for nothing this year . And it looks like we will be paying Bridges 8 Million for nothing all so . That is 11 million for nothing at all. We shouldn’t have to pay players any thing when they do shit like this . Charlotte is the one who gets screwed and us crazy fans.

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I’m so damn tired.

So, Spectrum center really is built on an ancient burial ground isn’t it.


After reading the artcle from ESPN. He broke the order Jan 2nd and it hasn’t even been served yet. Then this past Monday is when he busted her car window out and aressted Tuesday or today for that. It sounded like is open and shut . Hope all this is a big mistake but I don’t think so.

Good grief. We have had some times as fans in this city but right now it just flat out sucks to be a Hornets and Panthers fan.

This is not how I read it please explain. Isnt the criminal summons for what led to the arrest warrant?

Where are you seeing the windshield thing happened Monday

I’m all for second chances, and Bridges was on his. If this is true, I read the ESPN article and agree with your summation, then I think he should be done. Not just in CLT. Obviously he has a major issue and very poor decision making skills. Just a matter of time before he goes to the next level.

Who said anything about anything happening this week? It seems the ESPN article is referring to the same incident that happened in January.

Still not good, we are cursed.

GObobcats just click on the ESPN link a few post up . You should see it thair .Let me know what you think after reading the artcle.But you need to click on it to get whole story,

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Welp… at least we didn’t sign him to some huge long term contract with no way out. If he did this even after the mess from before I hope the NBA bans him. He needs time and FOCUS elsewhere to understand the way he’s going is NOT acceptable. Giving him luxury opportunity in the NBA apparently only offers him excuse to go about things the way he has.