Arrest Warrant out for Miles

I mean I read the whole thing. It acts like the Criminal Summons and the arrest warrant are from two differerent incidents but they can go hand in hand.

A criminal summons means that you have to appear in court but does not mean you are arrested. Arrest warrant means theres a warrant out for the arrest.

It could be that they issued the summons today because they have been unable to secure the arrest and a court date is set.

My thing is, they really didnt try at all since January to serve the warrant, as its been obvious where he is many times over, not like he has been in hiding. I mean how many Mecklenburg Police were in attendance at the Purple and Teal day the other day? Point is theres a reason it took 10 months to serve (they still haven’t acted on the warrant to this point) as Miles is currently with the team in DC, or at least he was with the team earlier today in Miami.

I have not seen anything that says this relates to any incident that happened this week, unless I missed that in the article, it does say what led to the criminal summons occured yesterday, but that could have been her pressing charges yesterday, IDK it is very unclear.

I am supposed to believe that they just went 10 months with an arrest warrant without an attempt to serve it. Thats BS.

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So after reading the espn article, the incident occurred on Tuesday? But everything is from something that happened in January? Someone explain this to me like I am 5.

My understanding, FWIW.

Miles violated a restraining order, by turning up at his ‘longtime girlfriend’s’ home. While there, he smashed her windshield. This incident occurred in January.

A court summons was issued Wednesday and, it has yet to be served. An arrest warrant has subsequently been issued.

Two key timeline details *on which I speculate.

  1. The delay in attempting to charge Miles was clearly a calculated one, designed to cause maximum disruption and generate maximum attention. I applaud her for this.
  2. The incident occurred before Miles signed his deal with the Hornets, but after all the beatings and assaults. I wonder if that gives the front office some sort of ‘out’ on the deal? We could then permanently cut ties with this … individual, and not be in the hook for his contracted amount of money.

I don’t believe she would have any control of when the sheriff’s office issues their summons. That would be dictated by when they can physically serve him as I understand.

Agree. My thinking is she delayed reporting the incident.


There also is an unserved arrest warrant for the 25-year-old Bridges, which was first issued on Jan. 2, for violating the domestic violence protective order, the spokesperson said.

It could not have been issued on Jan 2 if it wasn’t reported prior to or on Jan 2.

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Got ya, I was using the other link for my info. My error.

This just makes things look even more daft, on the legal/law enforcement side. I now see why people were so confused … count me in on that too.

Regardless, please let this be the end of it and get this individual off our roster, permanently. No Miles does reframe what’s realistic for us, re. wins and losses. I hope the new owners accept this, assuming he is indeed gone, and ensure the likes of Thor and Bryce are in the regular rotation.

Either way, with “the hornets and league looking into it” bridges was less than forthcoming with both. His mea culpa was more a pr move than anything.

Hopefully he is kindly rejected by the league and the hornets can get their cap space back on grounds that the player hid information

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This. For our resident CBA experts, is this possible? What a mess.

Then it was calculated by Mecklenburg county to hurt the Hornets and Miles as much as possible.

Because nothing else makes sense as to why they couldnt serve an outstanding warrant on a guy they knew the dang schedule of and where he would be.

You are removing Miles, decision to hide the information in the first place. Had the league and team been made aware, the details of the story would have been that everyone was made aware in January or at worst this summer when he signed the contract.

Do not shift blame to anyone but Miles.

We don’t know that he did hide the info honestly.

But yeah maybe he thought it wasn’t a big deal but the timing of this is very fishy when it all could have been settled months and months ago

The league and team both assumed the position they didn’t know. If they in fact did know and were lying, miles and his agent would have immediately let the public know that they were upfront and let all parties know.

Miles hiding the information, is the logical conclusion that can be made from the available facts. Much more so than a vindictive DA or police force.

Reading the ESPN article, there are two different events here. First there is the criminal summons from something on Tuesday. Second is the outstanding arrest warrant from events on Jan 2.

I don’t see how this is on the County Sheriff’s office doing anything but what a court has ordered (from events on Tuesday), and the discovery in looking into that of something occurring on Jan 2 by reporters.

They sat on a warrant without acting on it for 10 months…

And yeah the ESPN article is the only thing we have that says anything happened Tuesday, which could of just been a court date being set for prior incident but we dont know.

WFNZ is talking about it now. The incident this week said Miles was throwing pool table balls at his ex’s vehicle while his kids were in the car during a custody exchange of the kids.

The pool table balls smashed his ex’s vehicle, which brought on the damage to property and misdemeanor child abuse charges.

His current girlfriend was also yelling and kicking the ex girlfriend’s vehicle.

Two separate incidents, one in January and one this week.

Miles needs to go.

He needs to go to jail but he absolutely needs to go from the nba. This isn’t even in the relapse category. This is a continuation of the slide.

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If that’s the case, the team needs to treat him to the same as Kai and waive him. If that’s his version of bringing pride and learning from his DV arrest, I can’t imagine he’s on the same page as the team.

He’s certainly not in the same page as me. I hope the team is in agreement.


Welp then that clears things up significantly.

Season, over.

How foolish.

He should get the maximum penalty possible

Just catching up, listening to Walker on WFNZ.

Ok, so i guess now we have clarity that it’s not JUST a January incident, but a new thing that just happened Tuesday.

This fuckin guy. Yeah, it’s an easy cut for me. Like now. I’m sure Silver can provide a way to void the contract or whatever, but that doesn’t even matter.

Like, after pleading, you had one job, to play ball and make millions. Was dumb enough in the first place to cost himself $100M dollars, somehow rehabbed his image just enough to have a chance to recoup millions next year. With no margin for error, you do the same damn thing?

Nobody can ever trust his word, his mind, his emotions again. Easy call for the team, no matter if he’s a 20 point player, the daily damage from being associated with this garbage is not worth it. Need to distance ourselves from this distraction as quick and far as possible. Probably going to jail anyway so not like it will be a choice we have to make anyway.