Montrezl Harrell facing felony drug charges

Are you really advocating for a Mad Max society? We are a nation of laws.

I wonder if founding hornet knew about this before the news broke.

You are rich, super tall and famous - why take the risk? I would love for these guys to go to work in place of me and earn my salary for one day. That would set them straight!

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Just once but I splurged for an Escalade on spinner dubs. Apparently to the police of state college Pennsylvania that stands out


Oooohhh, I’ll just drive this Honda Pilot and they will never suspect me… hahaha

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Morally, we’ll all have our opinions.

But, at the very least, his actions showed extremely poor judgement/decision-making. And, for that alone, he has no place on this roster. Then there’s the whole felony thing …

It is a shame as I liked his attitude/demeanour on the court and thought he’d be worth bringing back at the right price.


That’s quite the leap from what I said, ncborn. I don’t really feel like diving deeper on this, but I’ll just reiterate that I don’t care about weed enforcement for a number of reasons and that magnitude of the ‘crime’ means nothing to me.

That said, I agree that this event will have a rather large impact on Montrezl himself and I don’t expect him to be back on the team next year. Basketball wise that’s a shame. I liked the trade for him. I feel more certain than ever that Mitch will be looking at other center options in the wake. It will be interesting to see if he’s actually able to make a trade or good FA signing happen.

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This sounds too specific to not be true. I approve of the youthful poor judgment. And did they find several pounds of weed in your car? If so, I would hope that you cleared it up with them by explaining that the car wasn’t yours and was rented. Therefore clearing your name of any involvement in it.

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Exactly how it went.

Entirely kidding. I did watch several high school friends get really wrapped up in the drug life both on the using and dealing side. Lots of empty promises there. I pray my kids don’t ever fall prey.

Thankfully I never had to struggle with addiction and stayed away from fast living.

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