Any news on Malik Monk?

It’s been very quiet since his suspension.

No news but he posted on social media for the first time since the suspension today, he resposted something from Jeremy Lamb and posted a picture of his dog

I’m hoping that if he was getting any support/help prior to the pandemic shutdown that it’s continuing.

What spcial media channel didnhe post on? I checked his insta and twitter and those weren’t updated.

Nevermind I saw his insta story woops

It’s (possibly the end of) year 3 for Monk. I’m concerned this is turning into another Frank situation, where he’s not really in the team’s future plans but they’re paralyzed by the initial investment of a lottery pick and wind up running out his contact and letting him walk without recouping any value.

I don’t think he’s turning into a Frank situation, before the suspension Monk was averaging 17ppg in his last ten games on good splits, 45% fg, 38% from three. He seemed to be really turning a corner with his play. His defense was also much better this year, I think we should definitely bring him in next year and give him a fair shake. He’s turned 22 years old just before the suspension, he’s young and oozes potential still.

Monk is someone who could either flame out of the league in a few years or be an all star. Hopefully this suspension was a wake up call.


Monk is back! Crazy he only missed a few games. We’ll always wonder what it was. Hope everything will be better now. Glad to have him back.


Cocaine the rumor I’m reading

If that’s the case I hope he gets help

The first good news in what feels like eternity :smile:

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He’s been using cocaine isn’t the -good news- I’d have hoped for but being a Hornets fan it’s the -good news- I should’ve expected…

Has the diet coke thing been verified anywhere, or is it just an internet rumor because someone thinks its fun to fill in the blanks?

Cause Malik’s whole demeanor seems kind of opposite of what some powder would do to you.

Bedow pointed out the originator of that rumor had 3 followers. I tend to think it’s a stab in the dark. I’m just glad he’s back and hope he’s doing well.

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He was suspended for non-compliance with Stage 1 of the drugs of abuse program.

We know that marijuana or peds could not be what put him into Stage 1,it had to of been something more serious

Yeah, I just always assumed cocaine made you more high strung and jittery, while he always seemed to be in a more eeyore-ish state of mind (yall youngins still know winnie the pooh, right?).

I just hope its not a Josh Gordon thing where he can’t get over it. For all Jordan’s faults at managing a franchise, he has been a great leader in the community, and I wonder if this is one of those cases he can take Malik under his wing and unlock his full potential, get his head right.

Reading he’s working out with the team ever day . Taking it serious and is doing real good, Talent has never been his problem. Using it has.

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Mitch seemed to be a fan of Malik in an interview with WFNZ this week.

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