"Neva' Lost" LaMelo Ball Thread

Feeling really good about the under.

They need to figure out some moves. Top of the list is terry. I would also be looking at PJ and of course Hayward.

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I’d be looking at the OKC Thunder as potential trade partners. I picked them to be the 4 seed in the west, and they might be even better if this continues.

I highly doubt they’d part with any of their young talent, but they are loaded with draft picks. And if their rotation solidifies this season, there’s bound to be someone who loses minutes.

Come trade deadline and OKC is still battling towards the top of the West, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them look around and make some phone calls if they think they’re a piece away from a serious playoff run.

PJ Washington comes to mind as a player their rotation could use.

People always want to tie rozier to the lakers, but the lakers will want to send back crap and don’t have draft picks for years.


I agree that OKC makes a lot of sense. More young players than they can give meaningful minutes to and more picks than they can draft, so are clearly earmarked for a trade or two.

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Can’t believe I’m saying this, but he might have a point. Probably more so with the shoes.