"Neva' Lost" LaMelo Ball Thread

What could they send in return that would make any sense? First round picks for the next decade?

Jabari smith, Jalen green, Steven Adams and a couple picks (#3 this year, Brooklyn 2026)

I know you and I both want Sengun :sweat_smile:. Sengun could play some PF beside mark Williams (if mark ever plays again). And Sengun is a great small ball center. He’s Jokic lite. Or diet Jokic, or whatever the analogy is.

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Sabonis 1.5

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NO DOUBT :rofl:

Melo plans on being around for a while.


Or… that’s the condo you buy to become disenfranchised with a Charlotte based team :smiley:

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and wearing funny hats

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All of these are ridiculously embarrassing to read. It’s amazing that someone wrote this article and put any iota of time or thought into it.

Murray alone fetched 3 first round picks from Atlanta to send San Antonio.

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Random thought. I wish Melo had a little more Penny Hardaway in him. I wonder if Melo knows who Penny Hardaway is? I’m not being sarcastic.

I can see those “lil Lamelo” commercials now.

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I keep seeing the comments about Melo maybe being slow to return. Where is this coming from? What are folks hearing?

I said that we need a backup plan if Melo is slow to return. My thought is that Reggie Jackson is that backup plan. Just in case.

It’s crazy to me if Lamelo isn’t ready to start the season, as they kept telling us he was “close” for months last season.

I hope with the new staff, they are more transparent on what is going on with these injuries.

I think we already have a back up plan for Melo in mann and Micic. No one is going to truly replace Melo. We’re fucked without Melo, but those two guys have proven they can make it work.

Where are these comments?