The 2020 real-time NBA Draft Thread

Let’s use this for real time draft night.

2020 NBA Draft

*Note that ESPN breaks their TV coverage into two distinct shows; first round and second so set your DVR accordingly.

Yikes i might have to work tonigh

A few weeks ago I was really anti Lamelo but i’ve warmed up to him

Yeah i called out to watch the draft hopefully i don’t get embarrassed here

Three hours.

Get your drinks cold and your mind right.

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Tried falling asleep for a nap after work and couldn’t even do that lmao. I’m absolutely buzzing, I love watching drafts. Can’t wait for all the drama to unfold.

Oh boy, I am excited. This is the most excited I have been for a draft since the Noah Vonleh draft. Do not remotely believe I will look back on this draft the ways I looked on 2014’s draft only months later.

Beer is cold, getting ready! Let’s don’t F this up by trading up.

Well, apparently everyone knows we want Melo now. And I don’t think that’s good.

But I thought we wanted Wiseman lol

Apparently we might… but I don’t like trading up regardless. That literally is the worst we can do here.

Hadnt seen this version of things posted yet.

Just don’t trade up Hornets. Unless it only costs us a QO of Bacon and sending him to Minny, don’t do it.

When does Woj start announcing the picks? Should be soon, right?

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I believe Woj-Insider members are currently at draft pick 37.


Pistons just picked up the 16th pick, I wonder if they’re trading up for Ball

Russillo just said on the Ringer livestream that he heard MJ told Mitch “Hell no, I don’t want Ball”