Our next 6'8 - 6'9 Starting Center

Any idea when we bring up Thor? Seems like we could use him in the paint as a scoring shot blocker. We love playing 6’8-6’9 guys w wingspan at this position. Why not Thor who has proven he can have an impact scoring as well. Especially with more playing time and understanding of his role on the floor. Any idea on his timeline as Vernon Carey and Kai get lost in the mix?!? KING Richards is playing better with the experience on the floor, but I really feel Thor can help rebound and defend with an added touch of scoring. All Mason does is pass the ball when he gets it in the paint. 2 feet from the basket. Plus the pick and roll is a dead issue with Plumlee as Ball or Rozier roll to basket. Plumlee just taking up space. I need more from the Center spot. Who can give it to me?!?