Can we see our rookies vs Magic?

I would love to see Bouk and Kai against this injured Magic team. We are ahead by 20+ so hopefully younglings will get some time.

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We got rookies, not much of them

Kai dunk at the end showed the kid has some serious hoops. I think though he should be playing a little center position. To me he looks more like a center than a p/f . His blocks , rebounds, and dunks could be welcomed.


MAYBE Kai can play center sometime down the road. Maybe.

There are tons of really big & strong guys at that position and it’s the skinny athletic guys who take a beating and end up injured playing against them.

Skill wise, more than dunks or jumping, centers have to be able to anchor the defense. It’s very much a learned skill and requires a lot of awareness.

Throwing Kai into that too early will be bad for him & the team. Give him time to develop his skills and bulk up some before trying too much of that.


I agree he isn’t ready yet but getting close.

right now Kai vs Plumlee
Rebounding edge goes to Kai , Blocks Kai again . , Rim Protection edge goes to Kai . Scoring big edge to Kai. Guarding man close to the basket big edge to Plunlee he’s much stronger. Help defense Plumlee experience. Screens big edge to Plumlee. Stopping penetration to the basket big edge to Kai. A strong case could be made Kai should move into the rotation next season . With that said tons of off season work will be needed.