Kai Jones Monster Game

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I think the pandemic really held back the progression of a lot of the young guys. I think all of the guys we have just need time and will come around. Looks like this might be happening with Kai. Hope so, because it’s easy to see how he could be a beast one day.

Mmmmmmmm -
rim defense :white_check_mark:
lob threat :white_check_mark:
3pt threat :white_check_mark:

That’s really nice to think about what LaMelo can do w/ him on the receiving end of things next year.

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He looks like he’s put on some muscle too

I was getting text messages from a friend at the swarm game last night about how he was dominating… A Knicks fan none the less.

What have we seen from pur other bigs that makes Kai so far down in the rotation? Few more showings like this and he will force their hand.

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We drafted Kai as a long term development project and he’s been developing nicely with a dramatic improvement from earlier in the year to now. I could see him getting some pt down the line but I’m also fine if they keep him in Greensboro for the rest of the year.

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He looked pretty lost the few times he’s played. Agree with GWMVP with him continuing in Greensboro.

Honestly, for me… if we continue to keep losing, let’s give him decent minutes to finish out the year. Why not?

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We will reach a point, if we carry on shooting as we are, where seeding becomes irrelevant and the play-in tournament our only target.

At that point the priority should switch to keeping the established guys sharp but not overly fatigued and finding out where Kai, Thor, Bouknight, maybe Lewis too are in their development. Good for their moral and good for us from an evaluation pov.

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Kai so much better than summer, preaseason, season start. I was calling Bust way too soon.

Watch game Friday Kai did 11pts, 14 rbs, 4 blocks. More pts if Bouknight throw him ball. Prob Read to much in reactions, more once Kai glancing, bro throw it up to me not force shot or TO.
I do not know if injured, but not surprised play reason Bouknight benched Saturday.
No doubt Offense skills can get points (finished 22), defense and team offense bad. Rookie has good moments showing there’s ability is there, just putting together timeline frustrating.

Sorry derail Kai thread. I’m too impatient, look forward to a Bouknight is a monster thread soon!


Now that Kai is out of college and working as a pro basketball player, he has more time and resources (including pro coaching and training) to dedicate to his game. I think that’s why his development has accelerated so much since being drafted. Scottie Lewis is another guy I find interesting as well. His shot mechanics give him a solid foundation to become a very good outside shooter.

Add to that most of the young guys had junk development years the last two because of the pandemic. I think a lot of rookies will likely have accelerated development this coming year.

Kai has been on a roll lately


I really hope he is in the rotation next season. The sky is the limit for him, based on upside.

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Yea, his physical ability, allied to the fact he hit the 3 and defend the rim, do point to a very high ceiling. With the entire year to work on him, our coaches really ought to have him ready for minutes next season. Competing with Richards for backup #5 minutes next season has to be the aim.

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Anybody still think he couldn’t play 20 mins for us right now?

Not with how Plumlee is playing right now.