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if only seen around 5 full games like me, Swarm on ESPN+
Hornets off couple games, get to see some Bouknight and Kai play
17-14 now after Kai Jones hit 3p


Thanks for the notice

What fun, double overtime g league free basketball!!! A loss but get to see first rounders play a lot of minutes again.

Bouk put up 29 per other 3 games…not tonite put up 20 on 9/24, 1-7 3p shooting…brought ball up court a lot again…seemed slow and off, and tired as game went to OT. Even shooting % off, offense skill there. Think can get minutes on better defense and playmaking. Please please be better faster and not make us wait until 4th year like Monk.

Kai 15 pts/10 reb 4 Assists 1 turnover
Best showing of the full front court combo multi skill potential FO got excited over…brought ball up open court with playmaker ability score & pass, 3p range, to go with freaky length, speed, and jumping. But so raw, can see next year better than this years richards, but prefer neither in heavy rotation or significant back up role.

Espn+ had a write up on Kai from the g league showcase

Averaging 10 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.0 assists in 25 minutes over two games in Vegas, Jones showed both what makes him an intriguing long-term prospect for Charlotte as a rim-running, lob-catching center while also proving he’s still a ways away from being able to contribute consistently at the NBA level. With elite feet getting out of screens, Jones caught multiple lobs well above the rim, made 2 of 4 triples (he’s now up to 43% from 3 on the year), and blocked four shots in two games thanks to his length and quickness. He’s also still too sped up playing off the catch or out of handoffs, has issues defending without fouling at times and is still learning the nuances of team defense. The 20-year-old doesn’t appear poised to jump into the Hornets rotation and make a major impact this season, but if he can continue developing in Greensboro, he could eventually give LaMelo Ball and coach James Borrego something they don’t have on this Hornets roster: a rim-running, lob-catching, switchable center who can step out and make an occasional 3. – Mike Schmitz