Swarm Call Ups/Downs

Kai and Bouknight headed down Vernon headed up

Would like to see kids on court, but this gets Bouk and Kai some development and play until ready.

After couldn’t make it on summer and preseason court, g-league 11-25 (0-5 3p), 9 rebounds, 1 assist, 15 turnovers, 8 personal fouls. Despite all the $ lost, Vernon last chance and on verge of being cut? With 3 roster in g league, PJ day to day and future active concerns, really need all the remaining playable.

They have already been called back up


Think that is the norm. They have to be assigned in each direction. Coming home last night was likely because they got what they wanted them to get up in GSO during the day. I am convinced they want both of them to get Playing Time with GSO and Practice Time when available in CLT.

Bouknight is a great scorer but still has a lot to work on. Glad to see Kai Jones have a nice day though the few NBA minutes he got we’re not good