Is this concerning or just him trying out very new things?

… or does TOV mean something else in the G-League?

Oh, the Swarm is terrible. Just try to catch their games on Youtube. NCAA is more enjoyable, and players seem better. The coaching is dogshit.

WTH Vernon? Showed a tiny bit of 2nd round promise last year and now garbage

6 TO in 22 first game minutes
9 TO in 19 2nd game minutes

Swarm playing at PG?
A Crappy reverse sand bagging tactic players use if trying to force Hornets into 3.3 million buy out?

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I have been ragging on him badly since summer league, especially recently in light of opening a rosters spot

Vernon back in greensboro and show a little of 2nd round potential & interest from last year.

Carey 11-21, 1-2 3p, 14 rbs, 27 points
And Swarm get first win!

Still not know if concerning or team trying new things.

1 assist, 4 TO.