Swarm Roster set, 3 sent to to Orlando

Carey, Richards, McDaniels going to Orlando. 2 way darling & spiller going as expected
11 roster spots need to bring in a couple players to finish season first half, big defense & rebounding. And Try to Move Monk before cutting, team has been worst when on floor before and -19.1 per 100 possessions starting 4th year, already the future Ball to deal with rookie struggles, fallen to -6.6

Admiral, KJ McDaniels, Mcallum stand out at roster first glance

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First game Thursday at 3pm on ESPN-U

Keep Monk… he is very important to the future of the team to me. It would be crazy to trade him in my opinion.

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Malik Monk.

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Wow 2 weeks not age well
apologize not say earlier & light a fire in cause clearly I’m the reason for all things :slight_smile:

Monk playing best stretch of career. A Few or 30 minutes a game at end of last year, when on court team worse.
Last 8 game turnaround now leads team +4.8 per 100. No expect continue hit 50% 3P, but offense had already start shown increase efficiency. But rest still bad and like his season start giving up 125 per 100 this meant Martins play and that has turned around, hot shooting going to fade, will stay in rotation with improved defense and being a better teammate on court.

Why are we talking Malik Monk in this thread? I thought the Hornets had sent him down and was looking all over for info and outrage…

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Since game from Vern 19 pts, 11 rebounds

I thought he looked bad from what I saw. The stats are great but he needs a lot of work.

It’s the first game he’s played in months so it’s not surprising

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Carey look like biggest man on the floor most of time and plays strong…not a cream puff inside.
Not a clutz or fatty, but seems heavy footed and needs work on mobility.

Carey is currently leading the G-League in ppg despite playing less minutes than the next 10 guys


That’s definitely promising. Hope that translates to an eventual NBA career and isn’t just a case of a big dude taking over lesser competition in GLeague.

Couple of things I love: range and ability to play pick and roll. Hope to continue to see his growth.

He showed the versatility in skillset that got me excited when we drafted him. Looked more than adequate in mobility terms to me. Lot’s of work to do, without doubt, and I’m not forgetting the quality of player he was up against but anytime you have a big who boxes out and rebounds, who can play in the post, can screen and can shoot the 3 … that’s a well rounded skillset to work with and develop.

From that clip, there were a few things that stood out. He has great hands, was able to just snap the ball up wherever it goes. Almost, Kawhi-esque. Also has a soft touch with both hands. So he’s basically the opposite of Biz.

He’s not a vertical athlete it seems at all, never saw him really rise over anyone (except for the big man finger roll, which, as a big man, shouldn’t be a finger roll). But his big body is a load that he knows how to use, and it seems he has really quick, agile feet. And the one thing about non-jumpers who nonetheless know how to score at ease, they have tons of those hesitations and jukes and fakes in their toolbox to be able to get their shot off against the leaping giants.

These traits bring about images of a former Bobcat, except for one thing (maybe two). He actually has range on his shot, form looks good, but most importantly, seems to be able to create his own shot outside without having to be set up. So maybe he is a more modern version of Al Jefferson, who although he didn’t work in the new era of the league at the end of his career, if he had an outside jumper and some handles to move around the perimeter, could’ve still been very effective.

Now if there’s proof of Big Vern’s passing ability, that would raise his upside even higher and would fit in really nice with this team.

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Quieter night for Vern but still solid, struggled from the stripe 1/4 but a good night on the boards and came up with 4 blocks and a game winner.

He seems to enjoy shooting the three and if he can hit them consistently he’s an interesting project for sure.

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2/5 from 3.

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