G-League First Quarter Over

Next game not until 12-29. Started ugly 0-6, finish 3-3. Very g-league sloppy early before starting get things cleaned up. Finished our I-league beat Austin Mexicans friday, H-league with 3 back from Hornets lost Saturday. Small sample size but some notes on picks…

Bouknight 5 games, per game 37 minutes, 25 points, (29 first 3), 6.6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2.8 TO
Given the ball a lot at lead guard going back to summer league…ball skills are improving.
Got some offensive skills, needs work on defense and playmaking. See as a high volume NBA scorer can get a bunch of points on a bunch of shots with a sprinkling of great shooting nights to keep things exciting. Would love this coach and staff do better than former Huskies we had, #9 Kemba, #12 Lamb took years to develop from quantity to quality.
really needs conditioning and strength (OK should just pin for all the kids)…given big minutes looked slower and tired as games went on, more physical guards give problems.

Thor much better than I expected. JT and Kai projects really athletic long with some reall nice alley-oop dunks and raw positionless skills NBA teams really want. Maybe KAI better in a couple years and can see some nice things in all the ugly…but right now #37 JT better>#19 Kai, a reversal of what expected, until Kai gets better JT is going to get more minutes.

2nd round 2 ways…don’t expect to see in Charlotte but have some nuggets of talent to keep interested…11 games Kulboca 24 & Lewis 23 see nice shooting need work on other areas.
Undrafted Xavier Sneed last year is one of better all around players for Swarm this year. Lewis more raw talent and a better looking rookie than last years 3 & D project Xavier.
Kulboca 1.5 torovers, 1 assist…mmm…feel should be better on court but something not there, going back to international 42 assits and 101 TO. Tallest swarm at 6-10 so will minutes to work passing and rebounding, but not young prospect at 23.

6 games Carey on the court, he’s a chucker, just not highly efficent and doesn’t share.
Lead team per 36 minutes, 26 points 23.5 FGA at 38.5% usage.
Reb good, defend bad, and real ugly…4 assists, 26 turnovers…!4 ASS,26TO!


Kulboka kicking butt on NBATV at the G League Showcase!

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Thor get injured? Only played 4 minutes tonight