Swarm vs Atlanta Hawks

Hawks also have some players out with Cam Reddish out and it’s unknown if Trae Young will play

Great stop by PJ then Cody finishes it on the other end

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What a win for the boys tonight! Great effort and excellent fight! I knew Miles would step up! Kelly too! This team has some SERIOUS heart


HOW AND WOW. Proud of this team’s effort this game. These game showed how deeeeep this squad is.


Absolute legit win. But the big take away for me is…

…Coach JB doesn’t like Bouknight and didn’t want to draft him. If Bouk can’t get more than 6 minutes of PT in a situation like this…when will he? Yikes.

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Hey we won but we need to play him more next game

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I doubt we’ll see much more of Bouknight than that.

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Great win. Think the tale on Bouk isn’t close to told. This was a bad match-up to put him in unless you could with Trae out. And in the 2nd half that was like a 2 min gap at the end of the 3rd Q. I also seriously doubt Ish gets as much minutes if he’s not on a 18/5/7 burner. So on a more normal Ish night, Bouk probably gets a lot more time. I expect he’s played a lot more between both PHI games.


Bouknight stunk the place up . Playing no defense. We need to trade him or stick him with the swarm the rest of the season. He looked no where near ready to play with the big boys. My thought Kai must be way behind Thor all so. JB coached a great game . All our core guys stepped up. We still had a decent five on the floor most of the game. With four core players out. PJ stepped up along with Martin. I love what we are putting together. By next season we going to be real hard to beat.Great win

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I’m very high on Bouknight, but he was struggling on defense when he was in. I don’t think JB is anti-Bouknight he just preferred what Cody Martin was offering tonight and decided to give him more minutes which was the right choice IMO.

If this was the Hornets team of two years ago or even last year, I’d be banging my fists saying Bouknight should play. But right now Bouknight still has to develop a few things before he could be a consistent minutes guy.

I 100% still think Bouknight can be a good player for this team down the line.

The biggest problem is whose in front of him too, we can’t significantly reduce Terry’s minutes and Cody is having a great season plus we need his defense. So whose minutes would you cut for Bouknight?


For clarification, I’m not a big Bouknight fan or anything. I just think it looks horrible on the organization to select a guy in the draft where he was taken, and then not play him. Or let him slip towards obscurity.

Maybe he’ll play more next game. Hopefully, so that we can get a better picture of where Bouknight is actually at (good or bad).

First off, AWESOME team victory tonight, that can’t be stated enough.

I’m not worried about Bouknight one single bit. We have NEVER been this deep and the kid needs to get in the weight room and learn and it’s great that we don’t need him immediately for once.

Cody Martin’s development into what he is has changed the timeline for Bouknight in my honest opinion. You look for a path for him, I think its when Oubre’s deal is up after next season honestly. Or you sell high on Oubre if you think he’s ready to contribute, but obviously we aren’t there yet.

Kai Jones is exactly where he needs to be and Thor is a left handed McDaniels who showed some good defensive ability in his spot minutes.

I’m enjoying having good young veterans and having some talented kids behind them gives us options when we want to make a real run at something maybe next year as far as roster flexibility goes.


I can’t answer the question because no one here has seen enough of Bouknight play. Prior to this game, he’s played about 12 minutes total.

And I would suppose he would look a bit lost on the court since he hasn’t been able to have consistent minutes to find his footing. Greensboro is probably the best place for him.

And if he is truly so bad that he can’t justify getting 5-10 minutes a night off the bench, it reflects poorly on the management for selecting him at 11.

Guys, remember what we saw in Summer League in regards to Bouknight. He is FINE


I’d also add that JB is clearly coaching to win now and establish a momentum of success. Development is a secondary issue. To that end, I trust him to manage things in a way that makes us most successful.

Agree with Zig

Coach does not dislike Bouk.

He will play more this week.

This, completely! Some of the overreaction on Bouknight is crazy.

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Absolutely … all of this. My hope is that we sell high on Oubre, as we’re almost certainly not going to resign him (unless he’s happy to sign a team-friendly deal). Ideally he’ll be part of the package that nets us a true #5 or brings in assets we’ll use to get that true #5.

If we’re serious about allowing this young core to shine and make noise in the playoffs, we need to get a starting #5 on this roster.

Cody Martin looked great. Hats off to him, he has really progressed. He looks like a bonafide nba bench player who can be a good defender and all around player