Realistic Positive Outcomes for this Season

I’m hesitant to ask this because I know the temptation for everyone is going to be super cynical jokes or tank talk, but what are some specific goals you’d like to see from the team or specific players this season given it looks like it’s going to be a mess.

These are mine:

  1. Melo learns a bit more on when to press and when to get his teammates involved and develops a little more toughness. I love the joy he plays with, but that needs to come with some disciplined seriousness too.
  2. PJ turns into a 15 and 8 player for us. I’d like to see him get more rebounds and be a little more consistent with his scoring. Some of that is how he’s used, but some of that is him playing more assertively.
  3. Cody Martin to closer to 4 assists per game. He already has a lot of hustle stats, but it would be great for him to develop a little bit more of a play making game.
  4. JT Thor get 10 minutes per game and hit 3s at a 34% clip. If he could do that, I feel like the floor would open up for him to get to the basket more and he’d be a much more dangerous player for us.

Again, I know the temptation is “don’t suck,” but for interests sake, I’d like to see something from you guys more like the above.


Williams become our starting center and become the rim protector we need. and havn’t had.
MJ spending enough money to make us competive . Better market management. More expections on coaching staff. Spend money needed for top coaches and top players.
Devolope a real plan to consistantly get in the playoffs.

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Agree with @Dav, Williams showing he has the potential to fill our starting #5 slot would be a great outcome.

Similarly, McDaniels and Thor getting good, regular minutes and showing they’re definite rotation players (at worst).

McGowens developing into a versatile, playmaking Wing and Cody continuing to develop his 3&D chops to the point where he’s a viable starter (albeit 5th option).

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I will answer this question, but just want to go ahead and say it: This team is going to absolutely fucking suck and be a trainwreck. If I’m wrong, please rub it in my face. That’s fine. So here’s my realistic “positive outcomes” given the reality of how shit this team is.

-The most positive outcome would be for this team to stink it up and earn a top 3 draft pick.
-A positive outcome would be to sell off Rozier, Hayward (if he’s healthy but i doubt it), and Oubre for draft assets.
-PJ Washington continues to play okay and signs an affordable deal to be a solid role player here for another 3-4 more years.
-One of Kai Jones or JT Thor emerges as a role player instead of just a raw talented project player. Does Jalen McDaniels take another step?
-The Hornets finally cut ties with the huge POS Miles Bridges.
-Mark Williams doesn’t look like a total bust in comparison to Duren.
-The coaching staff can instill some fucking accountability and be the adults in the locker room that has been missing.


Washington didn’t sign yesterday . So he will be a RFA like Bridges was. I really think Martin is our best team player we have and I am not sure of that. Maybe Terry . Way to many kids running things . We need a adult or two CarMelo and Kemba might help . I think Biz tryed.