The Vernon Carey Thread

I really think this kid has some potential to do things. He comes from a family with a professional sports background, he was ranked the number 5 prospect out of high school. He dropped 30 pounds this offseason and in 24 minutes a game he averaged 18 and 9 in the ACC.

I shared a clip of him on another thread from AAU where he was going toe to toe with Wiseman.

In high school he played a pretty modern style for a big man, he did a lot of face ups, hit 3s and would often go coast to coast on breaks. He rarely posted up until he went to Duke, which Coach K had him play a more traditional style.

Even in Duke’s offense he still went 8-21 from three. He’s got a ways to go on defense but I don’t think he’s a dinosaur.

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While the NBA has moved away from oldschool centers like him, there’s no reason why he can’t adapt and still be a dominant force in the NBA.

Like this pick a lot.


As they say: can’t teach height. There will almost always be a place in the game for tall, athletic dudes. I feel like there’s good reason to take a shot at him with a second round pick.

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That was nice, I’m excited for big Vern

If that translates into lateral movement and agility THEN we may have ourselves an actual player. I have worryingly high hopes for him … I need to rein it in!

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I’ve been watching more tape on him and with the weight loss, we may have stole one here.

I was a huge fan as I wanted him at Miami but stopped watching as I hate Duke.

Kid can shoot the three ball for sure and is a strong Sonovagun!

Could actually turn into a small ball stretch 5.

Yea, I’m hopeful of the same. If the weight loss means he’s better on D, especially in pnr then he’s a really good get in the 2nd round.

I’d very much appreciate recent videos of him in action. If you come across that shows off his current skill set, please share.

But, yes, he definitely likes like he could be an underrated gem, and that’s mostly what you’re looking for in the 2nd round.

It’s interesting to juxtapose this visual and that he’s lost 30+ pounds with draft talk that lumps him into the ground pounding Paleolithic era bigs. He’s not who I thought we drafted.

Indeed. My understanding is he played a very different game in High School vs. college and this, to my mind, explains why he went from a top 10 HS recruit to a 2nd round pick.

He was made to play an old-school bullyboy centre role at Duke and he has the size, strength and skillset to do it if needed. Clearly, this is not what teams want in the present day NBA hence he was a 2nd round pick. But in High School he played a much more modern style, a good all-round game. Plus he can already shoot the 3 well for a Big.

Even at 270 ish, maybe more, in college he showed quick feet which leads me to believe there’s some quick twitch to him that means he might just be able to be effective on D in the league. I’m trying to stop myself from typing I think we really stole one here … but I do think there’s a fair chance that we have.

College basketball is atrocious especially for big men.

My guess is his career trajectory will be determined by how versatile or at least capable he is defensively

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I like Coach K’s commentary on him and how he can play facing or with back to the basket and how he is not Jalil Okafor…

I hadn’t paid attention too much to Okafor’s career. Has he basically been an old school offensive guy that can’t really stay on the court?

Shot 38% from 3

Can play facing the basket

Only thing that’s old school is his size and he just lost 30 lbs

That’s Carey, right? I was asking about Okafor.

yes basically

he could probably score 20ppg right now but he’s all post work nothing else

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Excited to watch this kid. LJ and Zo got me hooked on “beast” types years ago.