Scottie Lewis: What do we think?

Just signed him to a 2-way deal. Looks like a defensive-minded guard who’s fast.

Potential shut down wing?

Never, ever, ever have expectations for a player you take 56th overall lmao. That being said, he does posses nice potential on the defensive end. But everytime he shoots the ball I never think it’s going in lol

To tato’s point, he’ll have to shut down the G-League before we ever see him try out his craft at the important level.

Seems like he has the potential to be a shutdown defender and and shoot the ball too. I like him. But a second rounder so we’ll see.

The kid is wild - literally wild at times. In practice he should be encouraged to take shots that he likes from spots that he likes to help him develop some kind of offense. I wonder if he is talented enough to play the 1 in an emergency. I like the pick!

Super athletic, a combine star
Super raw, as poster said of JT Thor 2 years away from 2 years away
Interest drawn refereed to as top 10 high school talent, not so much now

ESPN 2019 high school class

6 Carey
10 Lewis
21 Ball
35 DJ Carlton
53 Kai
69 Bouknight

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I was going to point out his high, High Scholl ranking.

I think he’s a great pickup in the second round. Heck of an athlete, very long, good defender but needs help with his shooting. He should spend the entire year working on his shot and learning our systems in Greensboro.

Maybe he pans out, maybe he doesn’t but he’s exactly the sort of player we should be drafting in the second round. We all know there’s a hole in our rotation for a wing defender and maybe, just maybe he’ll be able to fill in next season.

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Thank you all for explaining to me expectations for a late second round pick. :wink:

Was just curious what people thought about him. Glad to hear he’s hitting shots at practice.

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I dig the pick and I hope he fully Ginobilis.

I saw that Scottie Lewis has 135k+ followers on Instagram. Has to be the most for a pick in the 50s all time LOL.

I am excited for him. He just oozes confidence and claims he has the work ethic to back it up.

Can’t wait to see all of our guys in SL.