The Grant "thriller" Riller Thread

I so dig this pick at #56. In no way would I have expected him to be available in the 50s. Most of the draft stuff I heard had this guy going in the high 20s. Thinking, hoping, this could be one of those “he got picked where?” guys like Giniobli.

His Twitter handle - still not a blue check but regardless - @grantriller97

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I hadn’t eve heard of this guy prior to us drafting him, not that that means anything I was focused on the top ten totally pre-draft. But WOW, looking at his highlights this guy is a stud. Every highlight of him he is scoring in 1on3 to 1on5 situations. Feel like we stole him for sure

He’s a baller. Most of what I gathered on him is that he’s super complimentary to Ball ands graded by a lot of teams in the late first round. It’s why I was so hopeful we were dealing Terry with the Hayward deal, too force him into use here rather than Greensboro.

Was once in the stands to see him drop 30 points in a half. Kid is a scorer. College of Chas had him and Joe Chealy in the backcourt together. Those were the days

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