Cody Zeller appreciation thread

I really grew to appreciate the heck out of the guy I used to unaffectionately think of as a 7’ string bean. He went from a guy that would get stuffed at the rim by guards and small forwards in his first 2 years to a guy that was so efficient setting screens, I’d bet his screen assists lead all assisted Kemba 3s in his time here.

Like Crash, I’ll wish him well in a Blazers uniform. I do hope it’s not his last act in Charlotte as a return in a different capacity would be great.

He should have never been booed on draft night. He should be cheered when he does return as an opponent in '22. Best of luck to the guy and hope he fares well.


Big Handsome

Great kid for sure.

Pure gentleman

Who’s cutting onions?

I am a huge Cody fan

Hopefully for his sake the Blazers hang onto Dame and he’s able to play on the vet playoff team he wanfed