Vegas Over/Under 27.5

Hahaha, we win 35 in my opinion

That’s free money boys


COVID has the potential to seriously impact every team’s win totals.

So, 35 would be almost a .500 team with the season shortened to 72 games. You really think we improve that much?

That’s a 40 win season at 82 games. As big an optimist and home town fan I am, I’m not betting on a 48% win-rate this year.

Still higher than 27.5

Easy money

I also think Vandy is right. Might be a good idea to fade the teams that have the highest win totals amd may also sit vets to start the season.

28 wins would translate to a 32 win 82-game season. I think we should be a few wins over that but I’m not sure I’m betting my kids’ college funds on that. I thought we had a higher % games in our division this year, that might make this harder to predict as well. And there’s COVID too that is going to play into it.

Sweet, puts us in play for a top eight pick next year

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Charlotte Hornets: Over 24.5 Wins
For wagering purposes, we don’t care if signing Gordon Hayward to a four-year, $120 million contract was a bad move. He definitely improves their roster and gives them another talented playmaker to add to Devonte’ Graham and Terry Rozier. On top of that, they selected pass-first point guard LaMelo Ball in the draft. They could use some more quality depth at power forward and/or center, but this is a team that won 23 of 65 games last year without Hayward or Ball in the fold. There are still plenty of bad teams in the East for them to beat up on, so I like taking a chance on the Over.


I like the over as well . I will guess a 31 win season. Coaches staff, players seem all solid except center. I still say 31