Welcome to HornetsPlanet.com

Hey all, welcome back to the planet, planet v3. While this looks a bit different, hopefully we can continue to carry on the spirit that started with the OZ and BobcatsPlanet and moved to HornetsPlanet 2.0. Speaking of the Original Ziggy and really the Only Ziggy, though round here, the Old Ziggy - want to give a huge thanks and appreciation for starting this crazy planet. I am following Dread Pirate Roberts rules of naming here and while I will maintain the persona of the Ziggy, I am always ready to hand back that mantle to John if he ever wants his planet back.

So here’s where I wish I had saved the original messaging from HP-dot-com

  • This site is ultimately for the Hornets community of fans
  • We are not an official Charlotte Hornets NBA property, just a fan community
  • My hope is that we can continue the spirit and feel that John put into the original Planet and keep that spinning


After a bit over a year of Hornets Planet v3, there has been plenty of time for users of old to get that this is the transposed place it was albeit with a change in administration. And as time has passed, I have become more uneasy with my embodying the persona of the Ziggy. John is Ziggy and that’s how it should be. So even if he’s not asking, I am going to retire myself from that and change John’s username to Ziggy.

Still rolling with a Dread Pirate Roberts theme though – but that might change some day too.

BTW, if there are changes you want on the site of a layout or technical nature, please do visit the Latest Site Feedback topics - Hornets Planet page to leave requests.