HornetsPlanet Use Policy

Use Policy
HornetsPlanet.com is forum for fans of basketball generally to come together to discuss the team, sport, and organization by which we all are tied. All posters are welcome. To make sure this is a space welcoming to all, posters are expected to accept and follow the following:

  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. Not use language that is prejudicial including but not limited to language around race, sex, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion, class, social status, etc.
  3. Language toward others here (past or present) that directly insults, attacks, or has no perceived intent other than hurt has no place here.
  4. Disagreements are expected, doing so with civility, and constructively is equally expected.
  5. Respect moderation. A warning is an indication that a line is being/has been crossed, please regard it as such. Additionally, a temporary ban or time-out is just that. Validated attempts to create a secondary/burner account to avoid punishment may result in a permanent ban.

To reiterate the Welcome:

  • This site is ultimately for the Hornets community of fans
  • We are not an official Charlotte Hornets NBA property, just a fan community
  • My hope is that we can continue the spirit and feel that John put into the original Planet and keep that spinning