The Official NSJ Thread

I realized that we didn’t have a proper NSJ thread (I don’t believe so, at least) so I wanted to kick one off. As the unofficial president of the NSJ fan club, it felt right.

I have put forth the name of our Nick Smith Jr. group as the NSJ-Crew, which is stupid. But it’s all I got. One of the first orders of business will be finding a proper name. Discuss. I believe in us.

Second, with such a dismal season with very little to celebrate (other than morbid things such as the current fire sale and the excitement to fire Cliff and Mitch), I wanted to remind us all that there are some things to be happy about.

NSJ is shooting 46.2% beyond the arc. And that’s not on a tiny sample size either. 36/78. Well, it’s not a big sample size either–but it’s more than like 30 shots taken. If that doesn’t get you excited this season, that nothing will.


I am on board with NSJ Club, and hope he gets a lot of minutes for the second half of the season. He has much better ceiling than Cody imo.

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NSJ is what I hoped Bouknight would be. Very hopeful for his development. I think he can at least be an instant scorer off the bench.

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He has a clear role in the regular rotation next season, especially with our retooling status.

I really like him. I can see scenarios where he absolutely goes off in the fourth quarter and scores in the teens within 5 minutes of court time. I also think he will be a decent defender, once he gets into a system and understands it.

lol cmon. How is @powellrmp the POTNSJFC?

You missed a word: “unofficial”. I am just a man of the people and now that the people (you) have spoken, I’m more than happy to name you co-president. And we can officially, co-chair this unofficial fan club. @MurderHornet are you in?

There are dozens of charlotte hornets fans out there globally, I’m happy to share the weight of this very niche organization of sorts.

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My man needs more run


Our man needs more run

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