2021-22 Other Team Preseason Overreactions

I find this more funny in Lauri thinking he had an advantage than impressive in Ball. So do we body him up with Bouk in the post?

Chicago might be competing for All-NBA League Pass champs. Early results were really impressive. At one point they were up over 40 on the Cavs in the late 3rd quarter.

Either they are going to be better than I thought by a lot or the Cavs…

Fun to have the freedom for overreaction in this thread :slight_smile:

Chicago will be interesting for sure, I’ll be interested to see if it all comes together or not

Holy wowza that would freak me out if I was an ORL fan and we hadn’t drafted Suggs in the same draft.

Fortunately he had a much better first game

Queue Chris Vernon quick take

Heck, the Twitter description takes care of the overreaction for me :slight_smile:

What are they doing? Kevin knows you don’t like him already lol

Does Cleveland need a few more bigs maybe they’ll take Richards