2021 Prospect Scouting Thread

Caught myself watching some videos of potential draft picks today, figured I’d make a thread.

Good idea.

Initially, and this is largely going off the opinion of others, it looks like a ‘bad’ draft for us in that there is a clear top 5 of tier-one guys and not that much quality/depth after through the lottery and beyond (certainly compared to this year’s draft where there were plenty of guys I liked throughout the lottery and quite long after).

But there’s plenty of time for that story to change.

Alperen Sengun on the move up the mock drafts potentially into our first round territory, young big from Turkey. Can’t pretend I’ve seen much of him, anyone else?

any one seen number 15 from Carolina play . Thoughts on him. He looked good in the very small sample size I SAW

Yeah I’m not much of a college basketball guy whenever I’ve stumbled open UNC he’s always jumped off the screen to me. Might be a decent second round guy

What about the following guys, all looking like mid first rounders:

  1. Usman Garuba
  2. Roko Prkacin
  3. Kai Jones
  4. Charles Bassy

and then later picks:

  1. Kofi Cockburn
  2. Drew Timme

I read somewhere that luka garza is going to be a second rounder. I watched 5 min of the iowa game today, he reminds me of jokic the way he moves.

Anyone seen anything they like during March Madness?

He hasn’t taken over in any games but I’m all in on Evan Mobley being a star.

Beyond him looks like a small pool of bigs which could be an issue.

Jalen Suggs can play! Will be gone when Hornets pick. But man he is good. The blocked dunk, half court bounce pass for the slam on the other end, was awesome.

If we’re looking at bigs… sengun and garuba have been on the rise lately, landing right in our pick territory as things stand.