2022 Draft Night Thread

I mean ending the day with Gordon’s contract still on the books and one lottery rookie + one future protected first is pretty much worst case scenario whichever way you swing it.

And I like Mark Williams, just ugly admin…

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TyTy is dropping way down the draft order isn’t he?

I think MJ did this trade after not doing the Frank Kaminsky deal years ago …

Williams was who I wanted anyway so I’m good that he’s the guy at the end of the night. But like everyone else, disappointed we didn’t get more for Duren. I hope history will reflect that we kept the right guy.


Guys I am liking many of your messages spiritually since I ran out of likes like half an hour ago :smiley:

Let’s go get this Minott guy in the 2nd round since some mock had him as a top 10 and hope for Graham/Martin lightning strike lovings

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I think the Hornets are looking to make trades this offseason. They don’t intend to keep all those picks.

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That’s not an issue, that just means their trade value is greater.

No reason to keep Nick 1.8 million, use for veteran minimum, or with new 2nds add to roster another cheaper 2nd rounder…TyTy? Chandler? Kendal Brown? Alondes Williams?

Kyrie trade bait

Wait, they can’t get that Denver first and we get that Denver first too lol.

Remember, NYK were in the trade so that might be coming from them. They sent Kemba to DET so who knows ultimately.

Good point.

Commissioner just announced the trade. He wouldn’t have done that if there was more to it would he?

Keep wishing. I admire your resilience

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I’m also very underwhelmed with the trade, but I do get that for a team like us being able to find blue collar top picks in the second round with more financial flexibility makes sense. And, we have a lot of youth that we need to evaluate and find time for, so I get that adding two guaranteed contracts that you’re not sure about (particularly with Bouknight such a question mark) might not be the best situation. Just… feels like we should have gotten more.

These last five picks have somehow felt slower than the first 20

I have been starchly behind Mitch, until what hes done this last month. Between embarrassing the shit out of us by interviewing a reputable, respected guy like D’Antoni and then turning around and hiring Atkinson’s coked up looking ass instead, only for him to leave us standing at the altar… We keep Plumlee to be the same shit player he is, and then tonight… I can’t recall a worse trade in recent history. Hell, even the legendary “dust chip” trade for Dampier netted us a somehwat pproductive vet in Najera. We literally traded a 13th pick for jackshit. I’ve gottw believe Detroit/NY was absolutely shitting themselves that they were able to rob us with our cooperation. I am serious, i just dont ever remember such a lopsided trade that i can think of. That shit is absolutely embarrassing.

And to top it all off, we still end the night with Hayward’s contract, no Myles Turner, and no additonal vet or pick worth a fucking flying shit. We literally traded a 13th overall pick for a near-2nd round pick in 3 years, and no doubt what will become 4 picks that will become cash considerations.

And then we drafted a Deandre Jordan/Hibbert hybrid. So great, we add another one-dimensional big (just a different dimension). He may provide defense, but when you present no threat on offense outside of lobs, teams can scheme you out of the game as we’ve seen with so many other bigs of his ilk. He’s not a player, but I dont see the needle moving much, but I hooe for the best.

Regardless, that trade for 13 alone made this whole night a shitfest. F-. Would not recommend.